Appraisal and revalidation webinars

Our next webinar:

HeART Webinar
Reflecting on Revalidation: How to maximise engagement with HeaRT
Friday 5th May at 1pm-1.30pm

This will be an educational and helpful webinar on how to maximise engagement with our HeART platform in the wake of revalidation's first year anniversary.

Since the launch of revalidation last year, more than 200,000 nurses and midwives have successfully revalidated, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive so far.

When revalidation launched, we wanted to do our part to help make the process easier. This is why we created our RCN-accredited HeART system to aid midwives and nurses in completing their revalidation, with an incredibly simple and easy-to-use portfolio.

If you would like to know more about HeART, or are interested in maximising engagement, this webinar is a great chance to join the discussion.

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