GMC reveals five priority areas from revalidation review

GMC reveals five priority areas from revalidation review

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Posted by: Nomsa Sibanda, Marketing Manager | Last modified on 17/01/2017

Last week the review on medical revalidation by Sir Keith Pearson was published. The review ‘Taking Revalidation Forward’, highlighted the impact of revalidation since it was introduced in 2012 and some recommendations for improving the process.

The GMC in turn responded to the comprehensive document by highlighting five key priority areas for the revalidation process. The key priorities were defined as:

Making revalidation more accessible to patients and the public

Ensuring that the public have increased assurance that the revalidation process is indeed working was a key area outlined in Sir Keith’s review. The GMC are committing to work with doctors and healthcare organisations to help bridge the gap through simpler communication and constant feedback.

Reducing unnecessary burdens and bureaucracy for doctors

As doctors often work in high pressure environments, the GMC recognised the need to make the revalidation process as simple as possible. This includes investment in quality IT systems with comprehensive reporting and minimal administrative burden. Clarity around the ‘real’ revalidation requirements will be a focus area for the GMC to work in tandem with the Royal Colleges.

Increasing oversight of, and support for, doctors in short-term locum positions

Locum doctors have always struggled with getting a consistent support when it comes to revalidation, due to the nature of the role. Sir Keith’s review cited inconsistencies and variations in resources and quality of locum agencies. The GMC has vowed to be tougher on agencies to ensure that they are revalidation ready.

Extending the RO model to all doctors who need a UK licence to practise

In the past, the GMC allowed for provisions to be made to allow doctors without an RO to revalidate. As a recommendation from Sir Keith’s review, the GMC will now look at working with the four health departments to review RO Regulations for a more holistic approach.

Measuring and evaluating the impact of revalidation

Building on the output of Sir Keith’s review, the GMC are committed to further work and independent research to carry on monitoring the revalidation process. The RO role seems to be a major stakeholder in the ongoing revalidation of revalidation.  

You can read the GMC’s full response to Sir Keith review here

Download the 'Taking Revalidation Forward' report

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