Are you on track to improve your job plans and clinical productivity?

Are you on track to improve your job plans and clinical productivity?

Improving clinical productivity with Premier IT Job Planning
Posted by: Nomsa Sibanda, Marketing Manager | Last modified on 26/01/2017

Since Lord Carter’s Review of Operational Productivity and Performance was published in February last year, it has become imperative for organisations to deliver savings, and to do so quickly!

In the report, consultant job planning was one of the staff deployment areas under review with a recommendation of conducting more effective consultant job analysis and to improve on applications.

As you may be aware, the deadline is fast approaching to implement these measures so why not adopt the PReP Job Planning module to help you meet the requirements?

What makes PReP Job Planning so effective?

Available as a standalone tool or a module within the PReP revalidation management system, PReP Job Planning is SIMPLE- to-use and we intentionally designed in that way. We wanted something that really worked, something that catered for the needs of clinical managers, consultants, associate specialists and SAS doctors, therefore we asked, we listened and we implemented!

PReP Job Planning is:

  • Quick to implement
  • Simple-to- use
  • Out-of-the-box
  • Competitively priced

It has a feature rich list of functionality including the ability to manage job plan timetables including complex plans: multiple/ rolling weekly timetables: variable weekly cycle lengths and irregular commitments.

Whether you're already using a paper-based model or a clunky online system, we provide a facility to upload current job plans so you have a seamless move onto the PReP Job Planning system.

We are constantly updating our software to compliment a number of the programme work stream recommendations in the Carter report to incorporate productivity and efficiency gains. Some of these include:

  • Clinical productivity - ensure that all your job plans are current and accurate using PReP Job Planning
  • People management & engagement - conduct strengthened and robust performance reviews using the PReP appraisal and revalidation tool
  • Digital & technology – rest assured that Premier IT uses the latest cutting edge technology built with feedback from sector experts 

Stay ahead

If you are looking to accelerate the pace of your job planning process, get in touch to discover the full capabilities of the PReP Job Planning system.

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