New MAG and PReP

New MAG release from RST - PReP with Doctor 360 is ready

Last modified on 26/09/2012

The Medical Appraisal Guide (MAG) from the NHS Revalidation Support Team (RST) has now been released in its final form after completion of Piloting and Testing. A comprehensive guide to how medical appraisal should be managed to support revalidation, it is a must-read for all doctors, HR staff and appraisal managers.

It is a reader-friendly document, with quotes from people involved in the Piloting and Testing process as well as some significant changes in the wording of the assurance declarations the appraiser must sign off. It should be read in conjunction with Quality Assuring Medical Appraisers, also from RST, which details standards for selection, training, support and performance managers for medical appraisers.

The PReP team has worked hard to make sure the next release of PReP with Doctor 360 harmonises with this guidance, providing your trust with a futureproof and fully complaint solution to manage your appraisal and revalidation programmes.

Dr Keith Judkins ChB FRCA, Independent Consultant, Medical Appraisal Training and Systems