Job Planning software solution for consultants and SAS doctors


Managing consultant job planning

PReP Job Planning offers consultants, associate specialists and SAS doctors everything from job plan timetables and meetings, to planning irregular commitments and rolling rosters. It is easy to use and incredibly cost effective.

Available as a standalone tool or a module within the PReP revalidation management system, PReP Job Planning enables a smooth transition between the Designated Body and doctor agreement, and adds value to the ongoing revalidation process.

PReP Job Planning functionality

  • Define timetabled and/or annualised job plans
  • Set strategic Trust and departmental goals for job planning that link in to personal objectives
  • Create, format and manage job plan timetables – including complex plans, multiple/rolling weekly timetables, variable weekly cycle lengths, irregular commitments
  • Send reminders to doctors to complete their job plans
  • Multiple electronic sign-off of job plans (e.g. Clinical Manager, General Manager, CEO etc)
  • Monitoring of job planning processes and progress
  • Reporting: reporting on DCC/SPA splits, summary of activities, total PA’s, PA groupings, total of SPA’s, filtering by department, progress reporting, paying entities

A consolidated approach to job planning

Use PReP Job Planning for a consolidated approach and consistency between job planning, appraisal and revalidation.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to complete and plan both irregular commitments and rolling rosters
  • Straight forward to total all irregular and variable commitments into annualised hours
  • Basic/generic SPA activity can be included (e.g. CME, appraisal preparation, department audits)
  • Consistent job plan format, PA calculations and clinical language across your organisation
  • Cost effectiveness (one Programme Activity saved equates to a minimum of £7,450 and up to £17,624 depending on the seniority of the doctor)
  • Improved organisational effectiveness
  • Joined up approach and consistency between job planning, appraisal and revalidation

PReP Job Planning: Exceeding expectations

Not only does the module fulfil core job planning requirements, it:

  • has been developed with clinical input from our Medical Steering Group (MSG), including a number of prominent Medical Directors, Medical Staffing Managers and former members of the RST
  • meets revalidation criteria as laid out by RST, GMC and Medical Royal Colleges
  • has an IT specification drafted for release as a result of national pathfinder pilot outcomes and latest guidelines
  • is web-based and can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • is provided with a dedicated point of contact through our dedicated Helpdesk
  • is seamlessly integrated with PReP

In addition, Premier IT brings:

  • extensive experience with implementing systems into the NHS   
  • a solid understanding of the complexities of the NHS and locum sector
  • knowledge and experience of working within a framework of clinical governance
  • extensive experience of interacting at consultant level – over 100 NHS clients
  • access to tailored training packages for gaps in revalidation, mandatory training or for remediation

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