PReP System Administrator Training

Available courses for the PReP System

Premier IT runs a range of training courses for users of the PReP system.

When a PReP system is deployed, free of charge training will always be provided for administrators. These additional training courses are ideal for new employees, as a refresher or for those administrators who wish to become super users.

PReP Full System Training

This course is suitable for training staff and administrators who need to manage the appraisal process using the PReP system.

PReP Advanced Super Admin Training

This course is suitable for existing administrators who wish to use the full potential of PReP to streamline their management of appraisal and revalidation.

Available courses for Nurse Appraisal

Nurse Appraisal Skills Training

Ideal for employees involved in the process of appraising nurses, this course is skills and knowledge rather than system-based. The course is by Alison Wells of Smart Work Consulting.


You can choose to attend a scheduled course at Premier IT's central London training centre or we can deliver onsite, at a location of your choice.

Take a look at the course details above and contact us to book your training.

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