PReP Full System Training

Course Name: PReP Full System Training

Objectives: By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Manage system and user administration tasks
  • Update user profiles, scope of work and qualifications
  • Enter items of supporting information
  • Submit and accept appraisal forms
  • Monitor appraisee progress
  • Manage Responsible Officer reporting functionality


System Administration

  • Managing users & assigning roles/permissions
  • Alerts & managing system mail
  • Reporting
  • Homepage features
  • Configuration options

Appraisee Functionality

  • Keeping general information up-to-date
  • Recording qualifications and scope of work
  • Adding & listing supporting information  
  • Adding & listing supporting documentation
  • Assigning portfolio items to supporting information categories & good medical practice guidelines

Appraiser Functionality

  • Monitoring your appraisee’s progress with my appraisee's view
  • Viewing your appraisee's portfolio
  • Managing the appraisee's personal development plan
  • Initiating the appraisal output form

Responsible Officer Functionality

  • Responsible Officer dashboard
  • Monitoring doctors within your organisation
  • Running quality assurance reports
  • Managing conduct and capability events in the organisation
  • Gathering medical appraisal feedback and identifying doctors in difficulty
  • Making Responsible Officer recommendations

Duration: One day

Times: 10am – 2pm

Prerequisites: The only requirements for delegates attending this course are that they are familiar with using a mouse and working in a Windows environment.

Fees: £195 + VAT per delegate (scheduled date at Premier IT), £495 + VAT (onsite, plus travel outside of M25)

To register your interest: Call 0800 785 1234 or email

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